Why I Stopped Supporting the White Supremist in the Family

Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston
3 min readJan 13, 2021


Many families, like mine, are mixed racially. In my family, which is Black, we have a white supremist who supports Trump faithfully. Even with all of the insurrection chaos and extremism, including deaths, he supports all of it. I have an 8-year old grandson from the union of this man and my youngest daughter. This man is in his sixties; my daughter is in her thirties. They are an estranged couple.

I considered him my Archie Bunker. He is a loud, rude man. He bullies women, and is scared of men standing up to him. I just let him know that I would no longer stand by while he supports this madness. I will not have anything to do with him, even if it means that I will not see my grandson anymore. I was taking care of my grandson for him while he worked. Now he is going to have to find someone else to do this. I quit.

I’ve been putting up with this man’s negative attitude for years. When Hillary Clinton was running for President I had to hear all about his hatred for her. I supported Hillary for President, and so did my mother and father. While we were at their home visiting this jackass went out of his way to tell me that my mother and father were communists for their support, as if I wouldn’t be offended to the utmost. I was, of course, but, because I am a nice woman and not willing to get into a big argument at my elderly parents’ home I said nothing. NO MORE!

Now, I am saying something. A line has been crossed. There is one thing as having a difference of opinion, being different politically. But, there is another thing entirely when someone supports destroying our country over an election that was decided by democratic means. No, there was no stolen election. Yes, people died because of this nonsense at the Capitol last week. I can no longer tolerate this type of behavior any longer. I QUIT!

So, I will probably not be able to see my grandson again, at least for a while. My heart breaks, but I can’t support the Nazi in my life any longer. He has the nerve to tell me that he loves us and cares about our safety. He hates everything that I stand for. I hate his hypocrisy and lies. He is a white supremist supreme, a waste of breath and space. I am taking a stand, one that my immediate family is against because of the possibility of not being able to see my grandson again. I am very sorry that all of this is happening, but this bully cannot be in my life any longer. I can’t stand by and tolerate him anymore.

So to other families going through this painful realization and separation it is causing I hope that you think hard about what is happening and make your choice in a measured and reasonable way. Not everyone can conclude and end their relationship with the Nazi in their life because of their unique circumstances. Just realize that this country is special because we all come from different backgrounds, races, creeds, politics, religions, sexuality, etc. When we let someone belittle and now kill us because we don’t believe as they do, we suffer defeat and ruin. This country is on a bullet train to total destruction because white people are fragile and unwilling to see it and change. They’ve had it so easy for so long with white privilege. Now the covers are off, and it is nasty indeed. This situation is not for the squeamish, no way!

It takes a whole lot of guts to go against your family, but I’m a pro at it. I made my stand against white terrorist violence support today. I hope that you’ll read this and make your stand too, no matter who you are.

Thank you for reading.