Theologically Utopian

44 + 32 = 76 + 26 = 102 = MAN CHILD/PRODUCED/RULE

August 15, 2020

House of Bourbon-Gaston

“What you believe, you will receive.”


Let’s admit it; we’ve failed. We’ve failed on all accounts. We’ve failed to produce a society that is sharing the wealth, loving everyone, helping everyone, and making life safe for everyone. WE NEED A PEACEFUL EXISTENCE. We need to be able to grow up, become educated, partner up, if desired, have fun with different activities that stimulate us and help us to grow, and then die content after a happy and fulfilled life. Is this possible? I BELIEVE SO!

What you believe, you will receive! That is my motto. We are living in a time of applied quantum physics. We are living in a time where we now have burgeoning artificial intelligence to help us and guide us into new ways of living and being that are much more efficient and make life easier for us. We are living in a time where people are going to live longer and longer lives through medical and technical advances. We are living in a time where we know that we are living in a hologram matrix and all that that entails. We are living in a time where we know that there are parallel universes and multiverses, with different dimensions. We live in a time where we know there is an astral plane and we can access that. We live in a time where we know that there are Others who live and have being in our solar system and in our galaxy.

So what does this mean for religion and spirituality as it is practiced worldwide now? We are relying on old ways of religious and spiritual understandings and old scriptures, writings, and books. We have forgotten that those understandings meant a lot to THOSE people, who had different minds and upbringings and challenges to face that we don’t today. When I think of some religions my mind gets bogged down on what was happening 2,000 or more years ago, as if that is relevant to what is happening now in our time. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning computers does not go hand-in-hand with believing that this universe was created in a week, or wearing robes and traveling by mule. This idea that if it is old and traditional it is great DOES NOT MAKE SENSE when it is low on the scale technologically. If there was an Atlantis at one time, and I believe that there was in my personal beliefs, it made sense to lean on the “old ways” because they were more technologically advanced after the flooding that took place around the world during the time of the various Noahs that were alive then. There are many stories of The Flood, not just the biblical one. When the “old ways” are useful is when they are advanced and work. Let’s establish that.

Now, this book is meant to voice my concerns, ideas, and solutions to the world that we are living in today. I’m going to say up front that The Venus Project created by Jacque Fresco is the basis of the new existence for humanity that I envision. This new existence for humanity, which I call Theologically Utopian, encompasses everything that makes up human existence on this planet and in this hologram. The six qualities that make up being human are:

Culture. Art, theatre, literature, music, religion, architecture and cuisine — these are the things we generally associate with culture.

Mind reading. Perhaps the surest sign that an individual has insight into the mind of another is the ability to deceive.

Tool use.




Using my Unicode: CMTMEP = Christian Magickal To Make Earth Pleasant/Paradise. 344458 = 28 = Ultimate/Power. IRON (15) ROD (13) = 28 = THRONE/INFINITY. Divine Completion Christian Magickal/Evidence/Testimony Angelic Influences Tribulation/Breakthrough Powerful/Information Peaceful Soul.

The basis of religion, which means to bind, is to bind humanity together to worship a Higher Being, called God. We all agree, from the religious to the spiritual to the non-spiritual or religious, that Something else created our world and our universe. We know that it didn’t just randomly throw itself together and produce all of this. The problem is that no one could agree on whose God we all would worship, if we choose to worship a God at all.

“God” is a construct. GOD means Everything Created/Divine Completion of Spark of Life (374 = 14 = 5). We are physically and psychologically hotwired to worship something higher than ourselves. Nature feels right when we are worshiping The Creator. Love is an aspect of The Creator; so is hate. There are no real opposites; everything is a continuum. Energy is neutral; it can be used to love or to hate. God and Satan are not opposites; they are two sides of the same coin. Satan means adversary; that’s it. SATAN also equals 14 (31415 = 14 = 5). Sometimes, it takes Satan to turn people to God. Scratch that; a lot of times. God and Satan, the adversary, work together to save a soul.

People have lost sight of this through the ages. It takes pain to create change. You don’t sharpen a knife with a cotton ball. You sharpen a knife with a whetstone, an abrasive. When you get bored enough to feel like you’re in hell you get up and find something to amuse yourself with. You get sharp from pain; that’s the way it is. A soul comes into this world in raw amnesia, ready to be sharpened. You are literally dreaming. Children continue dreaming or rather hallucinating, until they around six years old. They gradually leave this state behind, but only to take on a new hallucination, that of invincibility, as a teenager. Then, growing up into adults, we have another trance state. This trance state is romantic and individualistic, i.e. I can do it myself, better than everyone else.

What I am saying is that many of us spend our entire life fast asleep, in a fugue or trance state. That is why we are called sheep who are asleep.


It is time to develop One Strategy, One Plan, One Hope, to create One Paradise, Peace on Earth, before humanity is obliterated, or erased, by our own greed, selfishness, and foolishness. Open all of your senses; your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your mind, your heart, and finally, your soul, to understand that if we don’t follow through and find this elusive quarry, this hard to find object of our desire, peace, with love and compassion, we all will die. Our experiment of humanity will die very quickly, imploded from the inside, if not by exterior means first.

Look at this book as a primer to paradise. I will bring forth my vision of a Theologically Utopian new world and hopefully it will be received with the right frame of mind by the right people, those who have the balls and desire to make it happen. Those who are in charge may see this book and choose to have a change of heart and adopt it now to guide our civilization towards this greater vision of togetherness, technological advancement, and spiritual maturity. Let’s begin, shall we?

CHAPTER 1: The Goal

I always believe that you have to make a goal first and then work backwards to see what steps to take to make it happen. Here is my goal for a Theologically Utopian World:

First, let’s give this world a temporary name, because only those people who find themselves in that world have the true right to name it. That should be a reward for great work. We will call it THEUTO-WORLD (pronounced thoo-toe world), or T-WORLD (pronounced twirled) for short.

Theuto-World (from now on T-World) would be based upon The Venus Project ( The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that presents a new socio-economic model utilizing science and technology toward social betterment to achieve a sustainable civilization of abundance for all, without exception. The following is an excerpt encapsulating their ideology:

“The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that recognizes the important connection between global resource mismanagement and problems such as war, climate change, poverty, and hunger. In the broader context, these are all detrimental results of the current socio-economic operating system. In response to these challenges, our organization presents solutions through the holistic application of science and technology; two areas in which recent advancements hold the potential to make far-reaching positive impacts.

However, while technology may succeed in gradually alleviating some of these problems, they cannot be resolved by simply addressing symptoms, as we do now, because they are byproducts of a much larger problem. Another major issue is that business interests currently require short-term planning and timely returns on investments. For these reasons, in addition to our expanded technical approach, our proposals include an alternative economic model which overcomes these artificial barriers to planetary wellbeing.

Our methodologies are designed to realize the full potential of science and technology to achieve social betterment for all living systems. We advocate new ways of thinking and living to enable human beings, technology, and nature to progress sustainably.”

Please feel free to visit this site and learn why Jacque Fresco is one of the greatest minds that ever lived. Now, when you read the materials at this site and the materials they provide to promote their vision of a unified world with an open mind you will hopefully get as excited as I have been to work toward this and let it stimulate you to get started in your own way. I hope that what I am proposing with T-World is one step further in our world’s growth toward this ideal.

So, how do we get to T-World from here? Right now, divisions between everything exist in profusion. How do we unite so we can achieve a much higher, truer, richer, fuller, and better existence on this planet? By realizing in our souls that we all want the same thing, no matter what political party, religion, spirituality, or ideology you follow. We all want peace in our souls; that’s it. Anything that promotes that kind of peace will take us to where we want to go. I believe in my heart, mind, body, and soul that T-World is not only possible, but probable, because it already exists. I know; I came from there.

T-World = Peaceful Soul; that’s it. Peaceful means Abundant Life in my Unicode. We all want abundant life. That is the goal of our existence; it is what we all are striving so hard for. That is what religion and spirituality are for. That is what our political ideology is about. That is what love is all about. Abundant Life/Peaceful Soul. It makes me peaceful just to think about it. This is good.

If you knew what I know about this certainty, this fierce desire, to return to even a semblance of what my former world was and presently is, in eternity and infinity, you would set everything aside, even everything precious to you, to return and get back to that state of living, back to that peace, even if you have to give your very life for it. That’s what I am more than willing to do. Can you envision your own perfect desire for peace, what would make you happier and give you more joy, even bliss, than anything else? That’s what you will receive if you follow me, down the rabbit hole. Take the red pill and join me!


This life is an epic saga. We are all participants of the Great Game. We are apocalyptic gladiators fighting for our very survival. Knowing this, and I mean really knowing this in your soul, will give you the strongest reason to live and fight along side me and everyone who knows my message and mission are right on point and correct for them. Not everyone is going to understand what I am saying and teaching. It was meant to be that way in order to weed out those who just don’t have the spiritual maturity to receive it, yet.

For far too long, going to church meant getting pablum spiritually. The message is that you have to be saved. Alright, but what do you do after you get saved? There are so many other processes that would need to be gone through and absorbed in order to become a true Saint of God in the way God wants for us to achieve the deep soul peace He has waiting for us.

In my book, “Christian Magickal: The Mystery of God Anthology” (available on under my former name of Lori Anne Holt as a paperback or an e-book) I outline what has to be done after you get saved to stay saved and grow in Christ. That portion is called “How to Become a Saint”. “How to Become an Eternal Saint” is the next book to read in the anthology. I have documented my journey from regular to meta-human and created a guide to how others may do it also. Everyone is different; we all have different paths to take to wholeness. But, mark my words, some of you are going to be so attuned to what I am revealing that you will find the way like I did, and it’s going to be the greatest life ever lived.

Magick! Just the word thrills people to no end! Magic with a “k” is practical physical magic, not stage pretend magic. I am magickal. I make no bones about it; my spells work. My prayers work too, especially if I feel it so strongly that I cry about it. God doesn’t like me to be upset at all, lol!

I consider myself to be a witch, a worker of witchcraft, not an angel, a messenger of God, like my mother would rather I call myself. I am both, of course, but the name “witch” has been dragged so deeply in the mud, especially because it is associated with women, that I have to try to reclaim it. So, call me a witch; you’re right! I prefer to be called a Light Witch because I primarily do many positive things. That made my Mom feel a tiny bit better.

This Coronavirus, COVID-19, has really kicked our world’s behind; that’s no lie! I consider it a woe from Revelation. I believe that the virus is culling people for their eventual reincarnation at the right time to fight the last Antichrist in the future. I name this person in my book.

As Antipas, I am here, with the soul and spirit of Jesus, in female form, to inform and warn this generation as to what is happening right now so they can prepare. There will be an onslaught of negativity coming sooner rather than later. I’m here to give us all a temporary reprieve for a few years, with the warning of what is to come. I plan on being the President of the United States in 2024. I will be nourished by God and help our nation to get back on track. Then, I will be moved out of the way after being a faithful witness, a martyr. I am ready for this.

So, being found in this body, with this mind, I have worked on myself to free myself of the fear and accumulation of crap in my psyche that society fills you up with from the very beginning of our lives. It is a long process, a long journey, to get all of that stuff out of you as a middle-aged person. But, I am proof that it is doable.

Instagram post from today, August 19, 2020: PEACE — I feel such deep peace this morning. I wish everyone could feel this way. It is possible.

When everyone accepts that everyone else is right and ok just as they are we will have peace on earth, for a time.

There needs to be a unifying force, a common belief, a common dialogue that we all can subscribe to and believe in with all our being. That common thing is peace on earth, goodwill to everyone.

Christmas is our closest attempt at mimicking this peace. But I believe we can really be peaceful 24/7 when we are all united under one brand new banner, one new belief system, one new thought about life, that of, “We are all ok, we are fine, just as we are right now, this instant, in our hologram reality.”

When you realize that we’re on an epic journey in an epic saga in a hologram reality, the only thing that you can do is accept it. This is science speaking; this is a fact. Now, what do you do after accepting this fact? You can accept everything and have peace. You’re ok; everyone else is ok too. There must be a reason for this situation.

The reason is because we are to uncover and live from the certainty of our souls. Not enough people know that. If they did, we’d have miracle workers everywhere.

Miracles and magick are possible when you live from your soul. I am Antipas. I have come to bring the world peace. That’s my job; I will be bringing out that information publicly shortly.




I am Antipas, The Witness (Rev. 2:13). Laurence for President in 2024!

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Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston

Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston

I am Antipas, The Witness (Rev. 2:13). Laurence for President in 2024!

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