Reddit Traders vs. Wall Street: I have something just as entertaining and possibly lucrative available

In Reddarchy, the Wild West of Reddit, I made the following post at: Unlike other subreddits this one accepts anyone and anything. I want to post a new real corporate Game that may make players very wealthy in the near future. The recent Reddit traders vs. Wall Street will look like something small when this Game takes effect. : Reddarchy

My company, Unopoly, Inc., is a 3 yr old CA corporation that incorporated with 570 trillion shares of stock. We incorporated with a Game in mind. We are a startup in the Entertainment business, particularly TV media. Through our division Black Ursa Media we create streaming TV channels for Roku & Amazon Fire systems. We can create unlimited channels, and we are going to make and produce TV channels for our content soon.

Like any new corporation we need money to get started, develop and grow. The traditional methods of raising money for a new company are expensive and difficult to get responses. That’s why I am coming here to post this. The recent Reddit traders vs. Wall Street situation glaringly show how stock prices can and are being manipulated and how easy it is to band together to do so.

I have 175 trillion shares of stock available of our stock issuance to give away. I plan to do so to whoever helps us fund our startup and help us with our projects. We need funding for marketing and advertising, and we need funding for our initial projects.

We have a micronation. This micronation is selling noble titles, issuing land usage rights, and giving away Unopoly, Inc. stock for low prices. People who purchase a title are getting massive stock for free, in the 100 million and above area. When we go public with our IPO those of us who are holding stock may see a great increase in our stock value.

I have a full write-up available to be sent by email to anyone who is interested in this Game. Please feel free to email me at if you would like this information and a copy of our Articles of Incorporation authorizing our 570 trillion stock issuance.

I hope that everyone who wants to play this Game with us comes and checks us out. Here are our websites:, and If you have any questions please feel free to inquire. Sincerely, Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston, Unopoly, Inc. and The Kingdom of Avignon.




I am Antipas, The Witness (Rev. 2:13). Laurence for President in 2024!

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Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston

Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston

I am Antipas, The Witness (Rev. 2:13). Laurence for President in 2024!

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