In Reddarchy, the Wild West of Reddit, I made the following post at: Unlike other subreddits this one accepts anyone and anything. I want to post a new real corporate Game that may make players very wealthy in the near future. The recent Reddit traders vs. Wall Street will look like something small when this Game takes effect. : Reddarchy

My company, Unopoly, Inc., is a 3 yr old CA corporation that incorporated with 570 trillion shares of stock. We incorporated with a Game in mind. We are a startup in the Entertainment business, particularly TV media. Through our division…

Many families, like mine, are mixed racially. In my family, which is Black, we have a white supremist who supports Trump faithfully. Even with all of the insurrection chaos and extremism, including deaths, he supports all of it. I have an 8-year old grandson from the union of this man and my youngest daughter. This man is in his sixties; my daughter is in her thirties. They are an estranged couple.

I considered him my Archie Bunker. He is a loud, rude man. He bullies women, and is scared of men standing up to him. I just let him know…

I am hereby declaring that the Mystery of God, mentioned in the book of Revelation Chapter 10, is the declaration that God is taking a second chance at the work of salvation of the human race in a novel and marvelous way, by being contrary.

Human beings are contrary. We seem to worship this trait in ourselves. Contrary means opposite. You can say that my spiritual name, Antipas, which means “for all, against all”, as well as female genitals, tells my story to a tee.

My being here, as Jesus’ faithful witness/martyr Antipas, the female reincarnation of Jesus Christ, means…

Once upon a time…

You’re probably going “What? Hold on! Is this another Black Lives Matter thing?” No; although I am Black and my life matters, this is a story about merry olde England and how I got here from there. I know there is some TV show out there that is presently telling the story of Charles and Diana, which I don’t know the name of and never watched, but this story is about the first wedding between the British royal family and the Spencer family. This story is about my mother and father. You may find it interesting…

Media reference:

In the Bible, God promises His followers that they will have the fat of the land if they follow Him. All of the prayers and reassurances God gives in the Old Testament, and Jesus in the New Testament, show that God wishes for believers to have a lot of material wealth connected to their adoration and devotion to Him. This is the basis of Biblical Capitalism.

But, the brand of Biblical Capitalism espoused by Trump and his believers is in direct opposition to God’s and Jesus’ main brand of love and inclusion for everyone, even the least…

A ball puzzle representing the world as the mystery of God.

God is the ultimate conspiracy creator. He created the mystery of God. Mystery means hard or impossible to understand. God created the mystery of God, so He had to have left us some clues to figure out this conspiracy theory we find ourselves in.

We find these clues in the Bible, especially in the book of Revelation. Unlike the final copy, or canon, of the book of Revelation, which set each chapter as if it follows each other in a line or series of events, the chapters are in the wrong order. Some things are happening at the same time…

A dove proclaims peace on earth and goodwill towards all.

44 + 32 = 76 + 26 = 102 = MAN CHILD/PRODUCED/RULE

August 15, 2020

House of Bourbon-Gaston

“What you believe, you will receive.”


Let’s admit it; we’ve failed. We’ve failed on all accounts. We’ve failed to produce a society that is sharing the wealth, loving everyone, helping everyone, and making life safe for everyone. WE NEED A PEACEFUL EXISTENCE. We need to be able to grow up, become educated, partner up, if desired, have fun with different activities that stimulate us and help us to grow, and then die content after a happy and fulfilled…

In 2024 I, Dr. Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston, will be running for President of the United States. I have made this decision because the world needs someone who is unique, talented, magickal, and able to lead people. I want to see greater equality for everyone, especially the disadvantaged and marginalized.

Witches are high on the list for being disadvantaged and marginalized. Being called a witch can get you a death sentence in some societies. Inclusion for witches, magickal, and mystical people is vital to recognizing the gifts and talents we all have as humans. I am a Light Witch, a Christian Witch…

WARNING: Reading my stuff is not for the faint of heart. You will need an open mind, a depth in your character, and an opening to your soul. If you don’t think that you can do that then pass on this. Thank you.


My name is Laurence. I have a story to tell.

Once upon a time, a woman had an amazing dream. In the dream she was chosen and put under a scalding white light, yet she felt no pain, nor did she whither away to ashes. That meant that the woman was pure. She was The Chosen…

The problem if the North wins the civil war is that institutional slavery flourishes unabated and undiminished in American society. People of color, especially of African descent, are enslaved still in vast numbers. The premise is to create laws that enslave while polluting their communities with drugs to force them to break the laws.

Institutional discrimination and social degradation and prejudice are practiced continually by white masters. People of color, particularly Black people, are not given a fair chance to succeed, barely a chance to survive even.

When Black people do begin to rise above their difficulties and the sabotaging…

Laurence d’Bourbon-Gaston

I am Antipas, The Witness (Rev. 2:13). Laurence for President in 2024!

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